How To Sell Your Apple! More Info.

We Sell iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac Canterbury

Selling an Apple device is very simple. Firstly, were not a computer, You will be contacted by a real human being, given a personal service and treated as an individual.


To get a quote, simply follow these five steps.


Step 1, Please Contact Us!

Telephone - 01227656999

Email - Click here


One of our consultants will speak to you and help with the sale of your Apple device. 


Step 2, Some Information Please!

Now at this point, to give a good accurate quote, we will need some information.


This includes:

- Serial Number (Mac's, iMacs, Mac Mini & Apple TV) - This can be found on the bottom or the device or in the little Apple logo on the top left of your screen. Then About This Mac.

- Model - Condition (Dents, Scratches, Marks, etc.)

- Network- Memory/Spec/Upgrades

- Faults

- Accessories (Charger, Cable, Case, etc.)

- Box

- iCloud Removed (iPhones, iPads & iPods)

- Expectations of value


Step 3, Let's Get You A Quote!

Your Consultant will check all the market and make some comparisons and come back to you with a quote based on your individual device. Why not take some pics and pop them over to your consultant by email or text. It's a great way to get a quote that's accurate and show us your device.


Step 4, Inspecting The Device!

Now we need to take a look and examine the device. You can Post or pop into the Drop Off Centre for inspection. Inspection time is around 2 hours (please see Map)


You can also Post for free, If you are using Postal, please see the "How To Post" page.


When selling a device, Trading Standard laws state that we need to see a form of I.D. This can be done by taking pictures or scans and emailing, or you can bring the I.D into our Drop-In Centre.


Importantly...... Your personal iCloud information such as contacts, details & photos will also need to be taken off the device.To delete an iCloud account, you must be the iCloud account holder.


You can delete your iCloud account on the device or at


If you have lost your password, you can reset it through the lost password prompt when you go into iClould on your device. A reset prompt will then be sent to your email account.


If you have lost your iCloud username, first check your email by searching for Apple or iCloud to see what your backup email address is. It may show your iCloud name. You can then reset your iCloud password.


If this all fails, then it's a Telephone call to Apple. Please call 0800 107 6285 for Apple UK Support. 


Step 5, Payment! 

Wow.. you have sold your device!! Now we can either do a Bank Transfer, PayPal or lovely jubbly Cash in your hand.

Success! Message received.